Helium Delivery to Recipients (SNOG)

Cylinders filled with technical gas present a great hidden danger. Therefore, their transportation should be carried out in the safest way. We offer customers the delivery of containers with SNOG units using only specially prepared vehicles.

What is SNOG balloon delivery
This installation is a solid metal frame and piping with the ability to connect cylinders. Pressure monitoring in the system is carried out by means of safety valves, indicators can be seen on the manometer.

The use of the unit is recommended for such work:

  • transportation of technical gases;
  • storage for use in the production of helium, oxygen, hydrogen, etc .;
  • refueling consumer cylinders.

SNOG necessarily passes tests, the successful result of which is confirmed by the relevant documentation. Reliable metal rolling is used for its manufacture. Thus, the transportation of gas using SNOG is completely safe and gives confidence in the safety of the contents of the tank.

To find out more about the terms of delivery, leave a request for consultation. Our specialist will call you back and answer all your questions.

Shipping cost for SNOG bottles
Delivery of cylinders for 1 m3 = 80 rubles, but not less than 150 000 rubles.
Cylinder delivery per 1 km of track = 60 rubles with VAT

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