Reception of Cylinders

Metal gas cylinders have their own service life, which is established by legislative standards. As a rule, it does not exceed 20 years. Such data must be indicated by the manufacturer in the product passport.

Do-it-yourself disposal is not safe
The risk of storing spent cylinders is explained by the presence of residues of hazardous gases. For this reason, it is forbidden to dispose of them in a standard way – a scrap metal collection point or garbage containers. They need to be handed over only to licensed companies.

Our company has such a license and accepts old recycling cylinders. Specialists will carefully carry out the preliminary operations that are necessary for further processing. The process requires not only accuracy, but also the availability of relevant experience. Therefore, we do not recommend doing this yourself.

The correct preparation for disposal
The algorithm for preparing the container for reception (delivery) for processing is as follows:

  • filling with valve screw;
  • freeze with content;
  • cutting and removing ice along with hazardous contents.

To return the spent cylinder, leave a request on our website. All additional questions can be answered by our consultant – leave a request so that we will call you back immediately.

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